A Trailer And a Release Date

Last week, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European UnionGreat stuff. 

Do you know who most definitely does not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, though? The Evil Squares, they don’t - always out abusing the charming Ball People.

But soon, you’ll be able to square things out (get it?), because Square Planet is finished and will come out on Thursday this week, October 18

Square Planet - October 18

Get The Ball Rolling

We could press a button right now and release the game. Yup. Alas, the powers-that-be (journalists, Apple) kindly advised us to set a fixed release date.

Overall, making Square Planet took about 6 months to our team of 5 and a couple of lending hands. Just a tad longer than initially planned (cough -3 months), but boy, will it keep you all on the edge of your seat!

A Whole New Ball Game

Meanwhile, we’d like to suggest checking out the game’s spanking new trailer, hot off the editing frying pan. Know someone who might like Square Planet? Feel free to share the trailer.

iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Square Planet is to be released simultaneously on all iOS devices, including iPad. Isn’t that sweet? 
Unfortunately, it does not run on iPhone 3GS and below. The square and edgy HD graphics proved to be more than the venerable devices could handle.

One More Thing

I know what you think. How much?
Well, Square Planet will be a free to download app. F-R-E-E. Why? You should know by now : because we love you.

Too Long ; Didn’t Read?

Square Planet, out October 18, free, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. There you go.


A square peg in a round hole (or the other way round)

‘Evening, monkeys !

2 things today:

1. We are almost done with development of Square Planet ! Give us a few days to iron out a few kinks and then a couple of weeks until Apple approves the game, and hopefully Square Planet should fireball its way into your iDevice sometime around mid-october. Hopefully.

2. Speaking of fireball, we thought we’d share a wee bit of fun we’re having today. As we are preparing a kick-ass copy for Square Planet’s App Store description, we’ve been rounding up idioms including the words Round, Ball, Edge and Square. Check out our list so far below… oooh, clever! Right? Right? Gehe zu onlineaustriacasino.at, wenn Sie anfangen möchten, Casino Spiele zu spielen.




  • Do/make the rounds
  • drive/send somebody round the bend
  • square peg in a round hole
  • the other way around
  • a different ball of wax
  • Ball up
  • Be on the ball
  • Drop the ball
  • Keep your eye on the ball
  • Be on edge
  • Drive someone to the edge
  • Edge your way around
  • Edge away from
  • Edge by
  • Have the edge on
  • keep somebody on the edge of their seat
  • Live on the edge
  • Back to square one
  • Be there or be square
  • Fair and square
  • Have a matter to square with
  • Square your shoulders

How many people still play Ski Champion?

Hi there,

Just a quick post as we’ve entered crunch mode to finish Square Planet.

I thought I’d post this graph showing how many people play Ski Champion every day. As you can see we’re in the low part of the curve right now, having ran a promo op a month ago that boosted our downloads.

Click on the graph to enlarge it

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section … or “Tweet Me Maybe”? @NicolasG_B

Life @ The Square Planet

As promised, cool new pics of the Evil Squares in their daily life. They are not so different from us after all, are they ?